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pickup truck rental dubai

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Welcome to Rental Truck Dubai

Rental Truck Dubai is a Dubai-based transport company that is committed to providing you with all kinds of truck rental services all across the United Arab Emirates, especially within the Dubai city and Dubai neighborhoods. We will help you to transfer all kinds of your items to your next destinations at a very low price without compromising on the quality of rental services. We are providing pickup truck rental services for quite a long time. Choose our 1 Ton pickup truck or 3 Ton Pickup Truck services to move your logistics to all locations across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and neighboring emirates. No hidden charges! Our well-mannered trained staff will be respectful of your housing and community rules. Let’s make your  Packing a Wonderful Experience

Want to hire a truck for a different reason other than those mentioned above? Our Pickup Truck rentals agency in Dubai would see it so that all your transport needs are fulfilled.

Pickup Truck Rental Dubai understands the accessibility factors for your truck rental needs. We offer a wide range of small pickup as well as heavy rental services for all kinds of commercial or any domestic needs. We have special chillers, refrigerators, and freezers in our Rental Trucks Agency for your preservable food items. We have all the essential skills and most importantly we understand our customer’s main problems and necessities from our experience as we are in this business of ‘pickup truck for rent in Dubai for quite a long time.

  • We have all the best and useful equipment for all your loading or unloading needs. You will be pleased after using our services. You can also track your items as we are staying in touch with the owner. 
  • Some of our potential and valued clients which we have maintained a long-term connection with are very satisfied after using our rental services
  • Now don’t waste your time, just call us at +971 50 195 5438and hire our professional team. We make sure you will get quality services.
  • Still not assured, let’s check out our happy customer’s feedback.

Fee Free to Contact us


+971 50 195 5438

+971 50 195 5438

Our Value Services​

1 Ton Pickup Truck Rental

We provide you 1-ton pickup for rent in Dubai, with the availability of 24/7 services. If you have made a plan to move from one locality to another you just need to have our 1 Ton Small Truck Rental Dubai Service.  

Although 1-ton pickup trucks belong to relatively small-sized trucks, But it is still more helpful compared to your own regular-sized vehicles. We have rental pickup trucks that have bigger space for carrying your stuff like furniture, equipment, wooden doors, aluminum doors, bikes, motorcycles, and even your damaged car, if you have heavy stuff don’t worry we also have 3-ton pickup trucks for your important heavy machinery.

We are not limited to just these tuck rental services.

  • Relocation of Construction Companies
  • Small House Relocation
  • Office Shifting
  • Perishable goods/material
1 ton pickup truck rental dubai

3 Ton Pickup Truck

We provide 3-ton pickup for rent in Dubai, available 24/7. Want to shift /move and need more than a 1-ton pickup, you just need to have our 3 Ton Pickup Truck Rental Dubai service. 

We know that people are very conscious about their valuable accessories and appliances and they always looking for trustworthy professionals. We have a team of professionals and skilled truck drivers and they will make assure your expensive goods or items are transferred with ease and safely.

We always make our customers happy and satisfied with our truck rental Service and we know the importance of your valuable items. You don’t need to take any worry about your furniture, office items, or goods our team will make it easy for you to transfer. Don’t worry we are experts in Pickup Rental Truck Services.

Remember we are not limited to just these rental services.

  • Warehouse Shifting
  • Relocating Heavy Goods
  • Perishable goods/material
  • Cargo delivery
  • Deliveries of bulky good purchases

Furniture Shifting

Moving is always a stressful ordeal. Whether it is your family that is moving from one home to another, or your company transferring to another office, moving can be a challenging task, but if you are in Dubai, you just need to check out our Pickup Truck rental Dubai service as we always ready to help you. when You decided to move, you are not just moving your things, but also many emotions and memories along with you. You want to do this with 100% safety and care, without damaging your valuable things or any other unnecessary delays.

We can assure you our services will be the best and will be available at an affordable price. You can check for any services related to truck rentals from different companies but we guarantee you our services will be best at a relatively small cost. But don’t worry we can not compromise on our rental services. Rest assured you will be provided with the highest level of professionalism, Satisfaction, and care from our experienced truck rental staff. We offer our pickup truck rental service for Household Furniture Shifting in Dubai to all other cities in UAE.

Office Shifting

If You Hire us for office shifting in Dubai we promise when we move your office, everything is as it was before, just the location and environment changes. To get our Office Shifting services in Dubai, simply hold your phone and get a free quote. Office shifting in Dubai is not an easy task so the Business owners always try to get Truck Rental Services for shifting or moving their items. It is a fact that an expert team of professionals always does your task in an easy and caring way.

We are known as “Pickup Rental Truck Dubai” and we offer a man and van in Dubai for your office shifting. Our mission is to provide you with value-added and supreme moving/shifting services in terms of the best quality. We always make a trusting relationship with our respected clients and we never compromise on quality.No hidden charges! Our well-mannered staff is respectful of your housing and community rules. Let’s make your Packing a Wonderful Experience

Find out how we can help you

Delivery in Time with Speed

We have an experienced team of truck drivers and highly trained workers in Dubai who load and unload all your items or goods with the best care and with responsibility. We will deliver your goods to your next destination with care and timely fashion. Our Company Pickup Truck Rental Dubai put their main faith in speedy delivery as well as on timely manner. We make sure our rental vehicles are always well maintained and ready for your service, very next moment to help your hiring needs.

Hire Us Anytime Of Need

Truck Rental Dubai is available to serve you on a 24/7, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. We have available fleets of  1 & 3 Ton trucks with drivers who are ready to move all over The United Arab Emirates. We also make sure our customers do not get late delivery just because of our truck failures as we always sure the maintenance of our hired trucks. but we still have a ready backup as a caution for that scenario. Don’t be worried that never had happened till now, just make your faith in our Pickup Truck Rental Dubai.


Value &TRUST

We want to become your partner for all of your commercial or domestic needs. We offer our services with the highest level of integrity, we keep in mind all your best interests at all. We are in this business of moving rental trucks for a long time and have had many happy customers during all those years and have maintained a long-term relationship with them. We never compromise on our quality and that is why we are considered a trustworthy and reliable company in the Dubai hemisphere.

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Rental Truck Dubai

Al Quoz Industrial Area 4 Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Working Every Day of The Week.

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About : Rental Truck Dubai

Rental Truck Dubai is a transport company based in United Arab Emirates. Providing best logistics support to corporate companies and to individual. We have a fleet of trucks with drivers in a different capacity to help your big move, Toyota Hilux Single Cabin . . .etc

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